The exquisitely engineered Cosmotron 130 loud speaker.

Cosmotron 130

The Cosmotron 130 speakers are the larger in the range. A floor standing speaker that delivers a superb dynamic performance.

It takes a ton of bronze to make a pair of Cosmotron 130s. Refined casting methods guarantee the same highest quality for each sculpture.

The minutest of natural variations in the castings identify each set of Cosmotrons. A fingerprint or DNA strand that marks them as an individual work of art.

A limited number of early serial number Cosmotron 130 speakers are currently available for sale.

The Cosmotron 130s are priced at £1,000,000 + VAT/TAX per pair, including delivery and installation.



316 Stainless Steel.

Removable Grills.

Adjustable wheel mechanisms on the 130s.

The Cosmotron 50 is 978mm tall, when sitting on the included Leviton Stand. The imposing Cosmotron 130 is 1647mm tall, and 800mm wide.
The Cosmotron 130, pictured with the smaller Cosmotron 50 loud speaker.

What lies beneath.

Cosmotron 130

Overall Dimensions 1632mm (1647mm wheels lowered) high x 800mm wide
Mass 325kg
Primary Materials Bronze / Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Midwoofer 3 x 8” (22cm) Nextel Coated
Subwoofer 2 x 10” (25.4cm) High excursion
Tweeter 1 x 1.2” (28mm) Beryllium dome
Frequency response 30Hz - 20kHz
Main Body Section:
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity 94 dBc
Recommended Amp Power 500W
Maximum Input 270W
Lower Base Section:
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity (2.83v / 1m) 91.5dBc
Recommended Amp Power 800W
Maximum Input 400W

Cosmotron 50

Overall Dimensions 820mm high x 422mm wide (excluding Leviton stand)
Mass 50kg
Primary Materials Bronze / Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Midwoofer 2 x 4.5” (120mm)
Subwoofer 1 x 8” (200mm)
Tweeter 1 x 26mm DXT
Frequency response 40Hz - 20kHz
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity 88dBc (2.98v / 1m)
Recommended Amp Power 50W to 100W per channel
Maximum Input 50W per channel